Sunday, September 7, 2008

girls weekend

I was invited out to my friend Colette's families ranch in Okeechobee this past weekend to celebrate her birthday.It was a blast!There was 4 of us and we were like school girls again!The Ranch is stunning!I would love to have my own so this was a true indulgence for me.I have know Colette since i was 12 and Davin who also was there since i was in 1st grade, and Jessica since high school.we were able to participate in alittle of everything from cleaning horse poo to the local bars.It was great!!Saturday Frank and the kids came to pick me up so it was great that they were able to see and experience the ranch also.

I'm back!

Hi everyone! Sorry that i have been gone for a while but, there has been alot going on.First of all Frank an I have started our own construction company,Broedell Construction LLC, so that has kept me very busy with getting everything set up and so forth.Things are getting alittle busier now and we are more settled in. it was a little scary at first with the state of the economy but, i am confident that with franks talent as a contractor that we will be successful!
The next big thing was Bryces ear surgery.We found out about 9 months ago that bryce was deaf in his left ear.The doctor suggested an ear drum transplant but, this was a huge surgery and i was a little apprehensive.I looked into more and found a doctor in Boca that does the ear drum replacement but, he uses muscle from behind your own ear instead of using some foreign object or a donor eardrum!So Bryce had his surgery about a month ago and everything seems to be going well.The muscle seems to have taken well and now we just have to wait about 5 more months to see if he will regain his hearing.
Then to top it all off the kids started school about 3 days after the surgery.Rachel entered 7th grade(...OH MY GOD!!!)Broedy enetered 3rd and bryce is in Pre-K.I was happy to send then off after a very crazy summer!!!we now seem to be all settled back in and are trying to get adjusted!we hope everyone is well and look forward to hearing from you! xoxo